Earnable Avatars

Unlock your community's potential by offering customized rewards and letting members proudly showcase their unique contributions and active participation.


Affinity Groups

Why have Earnable Avatars for your Community?

Improve your community's visibility, engagement, and operations

Built-in distribution

enhance the visibility of your community, and allow members to showcase their membership and contributions.


Offering exclusive avatars to members will foster a sense of pride and attachment to your community, similar to the way a school's sports team and mascot creates a connection among students.


Enabling allowlisted access to gated chats, documents, and other resources, with the ability to provide a foundation for governance.

What are Earnable Avatars?


Access to traits are earned based on actions, contributions, and roles that matter to your community


Members pick which traits and accessories they want their NFT to have.


Members can update their Avatar as they earn access to traits and accessories

Ways to Earn Traits

There's lots of ways to earn traits based on what your community values


Attend events, both digital and IRL, read the community newsletter, be active on Discourse, follow on Twitter, vote on proposals, or attend community calls. We can accommodate any participation that can be recorded digitally!

Contribute Time and Energy

Write a post for the newsletter, be a Mod on Discord, get a PR merged, submit a proposal, or host a digital or IRL event

Contribute Capital

Earn traits by funding your community, or specific events, initiatives, or contributors. Every community needs patronage, too!

Integrate all of your data sources

Use any data source to gate the traits or accessories your members can earn

Public Data

Ethereum, EVM L2s, Github, Snapshot, and more

Private APIs

Custom integrations on top of your data to gate access to traits


Pull in member lists, their roles, and achievements from Airtable


If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Who does the art?

You can bring your own art / artist, or we have artists on staff that can work with you to bring an Avatar to life.

Can we add more traits over time?

Yes! New traits can be added, and can be earned in new ways, too.

Ready to level up your commuity?

Reach out via Twitter or Email if you'd like to partner with us!

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